5 Ways to Be Happier In 2018 at Be Happy

The season of New Year’s Resolutions has arrived! Whether we want to be healthier, spend more time with our friends or family, or take that trip we’ve been planning, we are all hoping our resolutions will achieve one thing: greater happiness. And not just a fleeting feeling of happiness, but a deep sense of peace and well-being. Here are just a few ways you and your family can increase your levels of happiness in 2018: 1. Experience the effects of time in your local Himalayan Salt Cave. At Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave, we offer an experience unlike any other in the area. Take a break from the busyness of the new year with a salt cave session, which entails lounging in the salt cave in a recliner and breathing in the purified Himalayan salt air. The salt cave helps to improve breathing, sinuses, fend off allergies and asthma, and helps with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and even acne. Himalayan salt naturally contains 84 extra trace minerals that are not present in regular table salt and those minerals may contribute to making you feel better. Color therapy is incorporated in the salt cave which helps with anxiety and depression and has been found to be calming for those with autism. The salt cave also will improve your sleep – not just in the salt cave – but at home as well. Many clients report back to us after a session, their breathing and sleep was markedly improved. After a session in the salt cave, you will feel not only relaxed but invigorated to take on the challenges of your day! 2. Take some salt cave home with you! Placing lamps in your home and especially by your bed will help continue the benefits of sessions in the salt cave. They’re not only beautiful and give off a lovely ambient light, but they also contain benefits of the salt cave. Of course, the salt cave has more concentrated effects, but having Himalayan salt lamps in your home or office will have a number of beneficial effects – help neutralize odors in the air – think pets-, improved breathing, allergies and asthma and better sleep! We also carry edible Himalayan salt as well as cooking and serving tiles, massage and deodorizing stones. 3. Prioritize self-care with a massage. Another service available at Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave is a variety of massages from our licensed massage therapist, Holly Cherry. Getting a massage can help with aches and pains and also helps in releasing endorphins—the feel-good hormones that fend off depression especially during the cold winter months. Holly offers a unique variety of massages: traditional Swedish massage, Ashiatsu (a technique that includes an aerial bar so she can use her feet for a deep tissue massage) and Ashiatsu Thai (which incorporates stretching) or you can ask for a fusion of those styles. 4. De-stress with a Thai yoga therapy treatment. Known as Lazy Man’s Yoga, Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave offers a treatment originally from Thailand. According to ancient Thai philosophy, all disease starts from blocked energy and this type of therapy treatment helps balance the body’s energy by stretching and loosening the body as well as calming the mind. It is also beneficial for the lymphatic system which helps fend off illness. 5. Schedule Private Yoga Therapy. Most of us think of yoga in the group setting, but Certified Yoga Therapist, Susan Polk, offers private yoga therapy sessions to help those with special needs such as back pain, osteoporosis, post-physical therapy, cancer, cardiac issues or emotional issues such as stress, anxiety or depression… While many think of yoga for its physical benefits such as flexibility and strength, it is also an enormous resource for stress reduction and medical issues. You can change your health and happiness this year—let us help show you how you can feel great and be your best self in 2018! Come visit us: we’re located conveniently in the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Campbell Lane and Nashville Rd., Suite 104. Have questions or want to sign up for a class or salt cave session? Give us a call (270-799-8070), stop by for a tour, or check out social media (@behappybg).
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