Beat the Heat in the Salt Cave!

Seems like we were just complaining about how cold and long the winter was and then boom – here’s summer in all its glorious HEAT!!  Take a break in our cool salt cave – yes, it’s 68-70 degrees at all times even though you may have seen pictures of our faux fireplace! Not only is it cool in the salt cave – it is also low in humidity! Ooooh – sounds great, right? Besides feeling that great, the benefits of the salt cave include better breathing through clearing the sinuses and lungs. Halotherapy (salt cave) is helpful for people suffering from any breathing issues – but you don’t have to have an issue to benefit! If you’re breathing, we can help you breathe better! If you do suffer from allergies, asthma, COPD, or use an oxygen tank, then you will definitely benefit.  You’ll feel the effects right away and it usually will last for several days as your sinuses and lungs have cleared from the Himalayan salt. Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema are also helped through the salt cave as well as our in-house made salt scrubs and bath salts. Take home an authentic Himalayan salt lamp to continue the benefits of the cave in your home. We carry the largest variety of deeply mined Himalayan salt lamps from sculpted to natural cut in Bowling Green !  
Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th –  Does Dad snore?  The salt cave is good for Dad too – and what a unique Father’s Day gift. Gift him time to nap in the cave or give him some great grilling tools with our selection of cooking and serving salt tiles and edible Himalayan salt. We also have gift certificates for the many massage treatments we offer! 
Need an activity for the kids?? 
Take the kids to the “salty beach” this summer in the salt cave. There’s several inches of Himalayan salt on the floor that mimics beach sand. As children breathe in the salt air and play in it, they benefit from the salt too. The lighting in the cave is especially soothing and we incorporate color therapy in the lighting which helps with anxiety and depression.  The cave is especially calming for kids on the autism spectrum.   Each morning Monday  Friday, we have kids in the cave at 9:30 am – Just $20 for you and your child to enjoy a 25 minute session and we provide the beach toys for the kiddos to play in the salt on the cave floor. (On Saturdays, this activity is at 9 am). 
Join us for International Day of Yoga, June 21st! Also the first day of summer, this is a day of celebration of Yoga and lets the world know about all the great benefits of yoga. Recently recognized as one of the top ten yoga studios in Kentucky by “” , Be Happy offers the largest variety of classes and trained teachers in Bowling Green.  We want everyone to know – we have yoga for everyone with our group classes or individual yoga therapy.  Yoga is accessible to everyone – you are not too young, too old, too weak, too stiff, too heavy, or too anything to benefit from yoga! Follow us on Social Media to check out our events. Come for the Open House on Thursday, June 21st and enjoy $5 yoga classes all day! A portion of the proceeds that day will go to Hotel, Inc. We’d love to give you a tour of our facilities to show you all that we have to offer at Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave. 
Located in the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Campbell Lane and Nashville Road in Suite 104, 270-799-8070., follow us on social media…behappybg!
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