Celebrate May at Be Happy!

We’re TWO years old! Help us celebrate!! Our mission at Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave is to be a safe haven of peace right in the midst of our busy lives in a convenient location for you. We can help you lead a healthy life with stress management techniques as well as soothing practices for when life happens. Yoga helps increase strength and flexibility, manage anxiety and depression and helps you breathe better through our salt cave, yoga and treatments. There is truly something for everyone at Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave.  
Join us this month as we celebrate being Two – but we’re not Terrible Two’s – we’re Terrific Two’s! I know what you’re saying – “have they been there two years already? I have been meaning to go by there!” Well, please do drop by – we will give you a tour any time! 
For our birthday, from May 20-31st, purchase any treatment and receive a FREE 45 – minute salt cave session. 
What is the salt cave? 
It’s a man made cave filled with six tons of Himalayan salt – it was an 18 wheeler truck that pulled up to the facility two years ago filled with giant salt rocks for the walls and loose salt for the floor.  A generator fills the room with pharmaceutical grade salt during a session to enhance the benefits. The cave was built by Dr. Margaret Smiechowski who is originally from Poland. It was there that the salt miners were found to be healthier than others in the community so salt spas like ours developed. In Canada and Europe, salt caves are reimbursed by insurance since there are so many medicinal benefits.  Clients sit in a reclining chair and either take a nap or just rest while breathing in the pure salt air. It helps to clear the sinuses and lungs as well as clear skin conditions and naturally helps to reduce stress.  Whether or not you have allergies, asthma or COPD, the salt cave will help you breathe better. Clients have shown us their smart watches on days after having been to the salt cave that shows how much their sleep has improved! Breathe better, sleep better.  Color therapy is also part of the cave which helps with anxiety and depression.  
What kind of treatments do we have? 
We have two massage therapists on staff, Holly Cherry, LMT and Caroline Morris, LMT available for a variety of treatments: Swedish, deep tissue, Hot  Himalayan Salt Stone, Ashiatsu,  Ashi-Thai, Ashi fusion,  Prenatal as well as Chair massage.  In addition to those treatments we also offer Thai Yoga Therapy and Reiki treatments.  This month, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of the BioMat.  This is an FDA approved medical device utilizing far infrared heat that has been shown to alleviate aches and pains and helps with arthritis.  
Have you been meaning to start a yoga practice? 
Maybe you tried yoga a while ago ,never tried it  or you’re already an experienced yogi!  We have over 30 classes a week with a wide variety of levels from beginners to chair and everything in between and 15 qualified yoga instructors. All of our instructors must carry a minimum of a 200 hour yoga training certification and be registered with Yoga Alliance. Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program just had a graduating class of 7 new teachers.  We’ll start this nine month program again in August so be sure to inquire with us if you’ve always wanted to learn more about yoga or become a yoga teacher.  Susan Polk is also a certified yoga therapist and available for private yoga therapy sessions.  Check out our newest class – Lisa Powers, RYT 200 at 6am on Wednesdays! For our birthday, from May 20-31st, receive a free t-shirt with any monthly unlimited purchase. 

Our address is 2710 Nashville Rd., Suite 104.  We are open 10am-6:30pm Monday – Saturday and 1pm-6:30pm on Sundays. Check the yoga schedule for yoga class times! Kids in the Cave sessions are MondayFriday at 9:30am. Check us out on social media (behappybg) and the web at behappybg.com or call 270-799-8070.
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