Happy Healthy Holidays

Stay healthy or GET healthy this holiday season by taking some time for yourself to de-stress in the Himalayan salt cave. The minute the cave doors open, most people’s first reaction is …. aaagh – I can feel it already. The sense of calm. The quiet. The clean, clear air. Don’t wait to start those New Year’s Resolutions until January – start taking responsibility now for your health. The holidays are a special time of year to spend time with family, friends and co-workers; so why not do some of those activities at Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave? The yoga studio and salt cave are in different rooms at Be Happy. The salt cave is a room filled with Himalayan salt rocks. There is loose salt on the floor (feels like sand), chunks of Himalayan salt on the walls all around and a generator that sprays salt and minerals into the room. Some people refer to the salt cave as a salt lamp on steroids since it’s a room filled with six tons of Himalayan salt! We all know the holidays can be stressful but you can take control of the situation. Schedule time for yourself during the season. You will better utilize your time by not being sick since reducing stress allows your body to heal and renew. Breathing in the salt air helps to clear the sinus passages and lungs; so if you have a respiratory illness, you won’t be sick long or you may just avoid that cold all together. We at Be Happy know because since we’ve been open, we’ve all experienced a lot less sickness. Sometimes you don’t realize how bad your breathing is until you come in to the salt cave and realize what really clear, clean breathing feels like. Relax and renew while reclining in the luxurious zero gravity chairs, listen to soft, soothing music, let us “tuck” you in with one of our lovely blankets, shut your eyes and breathe. Short on time? We offer 25-minute sessions during the work week between 11 am and 12:30, so you can come on your lunch hour – take a mini power nap and recharge your batteries. We call those noon refreshers! Regular halo therapy sessions are 45-minutes – trust us, you’ll want to stay for the full session! Please come by for a tour – we’ll be happy to show you our entire facility. Everyone has been wowed when they see this little haven of peace and relaxation located in a strip mall setting!I Salt sessions start on the hour, so arrive about ten minutes before the top of the hour to see the salt cave on your tour. Holiday parties for family, friends or co-workers are a great way to spend time together. Everyone will get along much better when they’re well rested and feeling so good! It’s best to call ahead to make a reservation since we rent the entire cave to private groups at various times. We have packages for series of salt sessions or you could get a gift certificate for a monetary amount to be utilized for any or all of the services we provide at Be Happy – Salt Sessions, Salt Lamps and Products, Yoga and Meditation Classes as well as Massage or Thai Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapy or Private Yoga. If you have people in your life who have asthma, allergies or just need to improve their overall breathing, we’re your place to Bend, Breathe and Be. Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave – easily, the happiest place in Bowling Green! Located in the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Campbell Lane and Nashville Rd., Suite 104, 270-799-8070. Check social media sites with username behappybg!
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