March In To Be Happy!

March brings daffodils, tulips and the first day of spring! March 20th is the spring equinox and also the International Day of Happiness! Wonder how we came up with the name Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave? Owner, Susan Polk, has always been a positive person,  and even remembers receiving a critique from her former boss in her earlier career that she showed “too much exuberance” in the work place.  She decided that happiness was her strength and opened her own business in May of 2016 centered on her hope to bring joy and light to those around her.  She also recognizes the profound sense of peace, joy and happiness that a regular yoga practice can bring having been a teacher since 2004.  The combined modalities of individual treatments, salt cave sessions and a yoga studio brings happiness to students and clients. This month will feature many opportunities for extra long-lasting fun and happiness as we take our practice outside the walls of the yoga studio and into nature.  Be Happy Goat Yoga returns on weekends in March at Buck Creek Stables located in Smiths Grove. Rain or shine, we’ll be at the farm enjoying the laughs and joy of taking yoga alongside baby goats! These little babies love to see their yoga friends come to play – baby goats like to hop and jump on yoga students as they go through various yoga poses. They also enjoy nap time on yogis mid-pose! Be prepared to remember the good, happy times this class provides for months to come! At first we thought this class would be a novelty experience, but we’ve found people want to return many times for this unique event. Check out our Facebook page, Be Happy Goat Yoga. On March 18th, we welcome spring by joining with River Cottage Farm in a Yoga then Brunch class at 10 am on Sunday.  This is a beautiful setting in Rockfield, KY – about a 20 minute drive from the Be Happy studio. We’ll enjoy a yoga class outside – there is a covered area in case of rain –  then a yummy brunch made especially just for us – it’s a farm to table experience you won’t want to miss! On Tuesday, March 20th, we’ll celebrate the first day of spring and the International Day of Happiness with $15 dollar 45 minute salt cave sessions all day!!!  The United Nations puts together this wholesome celebration: the International Day of Happiness, coordinated with charity Action for Happiness, whose patron is none other than the Dalai Lama himself.  The UN is prioritizing the idea that governments and people alike recognize that progress is about “increasing human happiness and well-being…” All 193 United Nations member states have adopted a resolution to make the happiness of their citizens a greater priority. You can sign up on the event’s website and drive change yourself!
The unique services offered by our studio expand beyond the 6000 lb Himalayan Salt Cave and into the community to increase joy & happiness! Join us for one of our many events this month, call for more information on all these events or come in for a tour. Keep in mind allergy season is heading our way with all the spring rains clogging up our sinuses. Know that the salt cave helps with these ailments. We’ll cover more in depth in the April issue of SOKY concerning your seasonal health and local salt cave!
Located in the Kroger shopping center on the corner of Campbell Lane and Nashville Rd, Suite 104 – Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave is here to serve you in your health and wellness journey. Visit our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website, behappybg! Come in for a tour. We would love to show you all of our services catered toward your needs!
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