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Oh my Aching Back!

Can you believe there was a time that I had a desk job where I kept a heating pad in my chair, wore sneakers with my business suits and had a very crooked walk due to chronic back spasms? On top of that, Sundays I would get very depressed knowing that the workweek was ahead after a weekend of basically laying in bed due to the back pain.
AND then there was YOGA!!!!  My first yoga class was actually with my mom when I was a teenager, but we moved and I never saw any yoga classes available again until 1998, until I was in this chronic cycle of back spasms. At first my yoga poses were difficult for me, but I knew it was helping right away. The breath work and poses helped open and strengthen my muscles.  My nerves were calmed in deep relaxation where I had never felt the same sense of peace that I felt during the guided deep relaxation at the end of the yoga class. In the beginning, I was just attending one class a week – on Sundays. And my Sunday work week depression?  No more. That class shifted my outlook on life and I was forever indebted to my yoga practice.
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