Restore, Rejuvenate and Relax

Owner of Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave, Susan Polk, says, “I first started yoga because I had suffered for years with back pain. Most of my family members also had back pain and a few had surgeries that only temporarily alleviated the pain. Until I began doing yoga regularly, I was in and out of back spasms. I had my first massage from a physical therapist and learned how much massage can help with back pain as well.  I also had never felt such a deep sense of peace and release from stress until I did yoga.  I was in a job in my 20’s and 30’s that wasn’t suited to me and I found it very stressful.  In addition to the back pain and stress that yoga helped me to manage, I also had sinus issues and had sinus surgery in my late 20’s.  That helped, but once we built the salt cave and I did regular salt sessions – wow – that was the biggest help with my sinuses! Before we opened the salt cave, I was regularly getting sinus infections – especially in the spring.  So, you can see that starting Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave has really helped me personally and I want to share these modalities with you to help you live your best life! After I knew how much yoga helped me, I decided to pursue training to become a yoga teacher and then furthered my training to become a Yoga Therapist. 
At Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave, everyone’s safety is our top priority.  We are your safe haven of peace and happiness! We know you need to reduce and manage stress and what better way than here at Be Happy?  We have a variety of modalities to help you feel your best and to enjoy life more. Bring a friend or family member and enjoy the day with us – yoga, salt cave and massage or a thai treatment.  We can arrange to do a couples massage in the salt cave or the yoga room – or you can time your treatments together. Please allow several days advance notice when booking couples treatments to allow us enough time to coordinate the two therapist’s schedules. All class sizes are reduced for social distancing, so please book in advance using our app or calling ahead…virtual classes are also available so  you can practice from home if you wish. 
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