Spring Sneezes or Allergies?

No Spring Sneezes or Allergies at Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave
As spring arrives with its beautiful flowers and budding trees, it also brings along pollen and allergens in the air that may leave you  fatigued with watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and experiencing a scratchy throat. If you already have asthma, this time of year can be especially uncomfortable for you. Even if you do not have any major breathing issues, we can all stand to enjoy better breathing. There’s no need to suffer – you have a local salt cave that can help!  Also known as halo therapy, time spent in the salt cave is time well spent.
What is it and How does it work?  Our salt cave is a man made cave filled with six tons of Himalayan salt – salt rocks on the walls, into the ceiling and loose finely ground salt on the floor plus a during a session, a generator blows salt and minerals in to the room.  Halo therapy or salt therapy is a treatment that involves inhaling salt particles and is beneficial to a number of respiratory conditions.  Breathing in the salt air does not affect blood pressure – if anything, your time in the salt cave will decrease your blood pressure due to the wonderful stress reduction you’ll  experience.  This can be compared to time spent at the beach – you know your blood pressure doesn’t increase when you’re at a beautiful beach breathing in salt air there!
The process dates back to the 11th or 12th centuries, when people would visit Eastern Europe’s natural salt caves to heal their ailments. In the 1840’s, Dr. Feliks Boczkowski, a Polish doctor who was treating miners, started to study salt’s medicinal properties.  He had noticed that while coal miners were plagued with all kinds of respiratory problems, salt miners were healthier and had clear lungs.   Near Krakow Poland, he founded the first salt clinic.  Today in Europe and Canada, salt caves are reimbursed by insurance because of the recognition of the medicinal benefits of the salt caves.
Our salt cave was built by Dr. Margaret Smiechowski who is from Poland  and has lived in Vermont for the last 20 years.  Margaret has extensive education in both traditional and complementary medicine.  I asked Margaret how she had the idea to build the salt caves and she said, “I woke up from a dream and I knew I had to do it.”  Her purpose in the salt caves is to have the ultimate healing experience of your dreams!
Today you don’t have to trek all the way to Europe to have the benefits of a salt cave – we built one just for you – conveniently located in the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Campbell Lane and Nashville Rd.  Be Happy’s salt cave was originally built for stress reduction to compliment the yoga classes as well as the treatment rooms, but we immediately heard from our clients on the great benefits they felt with their sinuses and improved breathing!
One client, Robbie VanValin, is in the middle of a month long experiment as we go to print and has seen incredible results. She’s been doing 45 minute sessions at least five days a week and her chronic cough that she has suffered with for over 12 years has greatly improved. Despite all kinds of medicines and doctors visits, nothing had helped until she started the salt therapy.  She is finally sleeping through the night with out awakening from a coughing jag.  Another client who wishes to remain anonymous wears a device that tracks her sleep. She has had issues with insomnia and poor quality sleep. Her device tracks her sleep and on the days that she has done a salt cave session, her amount of sleep and quality of deep sleep greatly improves. Owner, Doug Polk, used to suffer from chronic sinusitis – coughing, clearing his throat and nose – but since we opened the salt cave, he no longer suffers from that uncomfortable and annoying condition. He jokes that the cough drop industry will be going out of business since he no longer has a cough drop in his mouth 24/7!
You may want to take some salt home for maintenance of the benefits of your time in the salt cave.  We carry genuine Himalayan salt lamps and edible salt – all deeply mined from the Himalayan mountains. Having a salt lamp especially near your bed where you’ll hopefully spend at least 8 hours allows the benefits of the salt to continue – and it doesn’t have to be lit to still be of benefit.  Shop our studio for the best selection of unique lamps and salt products.  Salt in its micro crystalline form has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral effects.  The salt helps cells consolidate inflammation and mucus so your body can get rid of it.  While not a cure, people with asthma, bronchitis, allergies, cystic fibrosis, psoriasis and general skin inflammation show major improvements after salt treatments.
 Salt sessions start on the hour and you must arrive about 10 minutes before the hour to get settled with your comfy salt cave socks and into your zero gravity recliner.  Just lay back, relax and breathe.  Call us today to book an appointment, 270-799-8070.  Located in the Kroger shopping center, corner of Campbell Lane and Nashville Rd.  Be Happy, Breathe Easy!
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