Summer, Healthy Skin and Salt! 

Summer time is beautiful! But too much sun and heat can also aggravate skin conditions!  Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body?  It helps protect and guard the entire body from external threats.  Salt therapy also known as halo therapy reduces and clears inflammation of psoriasis, eczema, acne and dermatitis.  Salt therapy also aids in drying of small fissures, scratches, clearing of edema on post-surgical scars and decreases itching. The salt cave offers an anti-inflammatory effect which soothes skin conditions.  It may take more than one visit to notice improvement but recognizing that salt therapy is reimbursed by insurance in Europe & Canada confirms that it can be a viable alternative or addition to your overall skin health.  
A benefit enhancing activity we offer at least once a month is a Breath Work and Meditation in the Salt Cave.  Join us to learn various breathing techniques that aid in clearing the sinus passages and lungs.  There are many breath work practices which help in reducing anxiety, balance the emotions and  reduce depression.  Some breath work techniques aid in cooling the body and others warm up the body.  Many times a simple meditation can be simply staying in the moment and following the recognition of the inhale and the exhale. 
Got a summer cold or allergies? Those are the worst and the salt cave can help with that as well.  Don’t forget the kiddos – when they have runny noses or a cold, be sure to visit the salt cave.  We have Kids in the Cave Monday through Friday at 9:30am and Saturdays at 9am for children to come to the salt cave! We bring in beach toys for them to play in the salt on the ground like sand! We also offer a monthly kids yoga class and play time in the salt cave. 
Take some salt home with you too…..many people tell us how their sleep is better with the salt lamp on their bed side table. And no worries – you don’t have to have the salt lamp “on” in order to benefit from the salt. The light is really more for ambiance although having it lit will help to radiate the benefits to a larger surrounding area and increase the clearing of debris in the air.  
You can always book a salt session for yourself or for your private group too!  Sessions start on the hour and last 45 minutes. We offer 25 minute sessions between 11 am -12:30 MondayFriday.  Wear regular clothes – it’s nice and cool in the cave so we’ll put a blanket on you for your comfort. It is best to make an appointment ahead of time since the cave is frequently booked with groups. 
We’re located in the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Campbell Lane and Nashville Rd, Suite 104. Our number:  270-799-8070.  We also have two treatment rooms and have a separate yoga room with cushioned flooring! Give us a call or come by and we’ll give you a tour.  We look forward to helping you Be Happy and Breathe Easy.
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