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Be Happy Yoga & Salt Cave What exactly is a Himalayan salt lamp, you ask? And why would I want one? What will it do for me and my family? Did you know that Be Happy has the widest selection of unique and genuine Himalayan salt products in Bowling Green? We carry everything from salt lamps to edible salts and bath products. Pictures are great, but you just have to come in for a tour of our whole facility to experience the clean, clear air that Himalayan salt provides. Our salt products are deeply mined from the Himalayan mountains assuring the highest purity and quality. When salt is deeply mined, that means it’s mined from at least 8000 feet under the Himalayan Mountains protecting it from water and air pollutants. HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS Besides providing a beautiful ambient glow which can be very appealing aesthetic wise, Himalayan salt lamps have properties which may be beneficial to your health. They attract moisture in the air that carries dust and allergens. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, a salt lamp may be just what you need. Giving them the occasional wipe down maintains the lamp’s effectiveness. Salt lamps work as a natural deodorizer – if you have pets in your house, salt lamps can help to deodorize the air making it not so obvious that cats and dogs are living under the same roof! Think you can’t sleep with the light on? No problem, the lamp still has it’s negative ion properties whether it’s lit or not. The light adds a nice ambiance and the negative ions that are naturally occurring in the lamp project a little further with the light on but at night, you can either turn it off or use a dimmer switch to lower the light. We have artisan crafted lamps in various animal shapes as well as geometric shapes along with rock bowls, etc. as well as the natural cut stone salt lamps and products. If you don’t find the shape you are looking for, we may be able to have it carved for you! If you utilize essential oils, we have essential oil lamps with holders to use your oil. Night lights! Our latest addition to our list of items is night lights. These make great gifts – we’ll have a hard time keeping these in stock; so get yours now. We have USB lamps that plug into your computer. These lights change colors and may aid in focusing and concentration. Color therapy may help with anxiety and depression as well as seasonal affective disorder. These help you relax your body on a cellular level and increase serotonin. One thing to look for when purchasing a genuine Himalayan salt lamp is that the light fixture is removable. Each lamp from Be Happy comes with a light bulb and a cord. Salt lamps are priced according to weight and size and whether they’re sculpted or the natural cut. Our lamps range in price from small candle holders which start at $21 to $175 for the largest lamps we carry! HIMALAYAN SALT IS GREAT FOR OTHER THINGS TOO: Other Himalayan products that we carry include our own salt scrubs and bath salts with our unique blends of essential oils which leave the skin revitalized. The homemade scrubs reduce and clear inflammation. Some clients find our salt scrubs to be so helpful, they are able to reduce or stop their medications for eczema! We have edible salt – salt grinders and fine salt shakers as well as replacement salt for grinders or that is already a fine grind. Himalayan salt carries an additional 84 trace minerals not included in traditional table salt. Himalayan Salt tiles used for cooking or serving foods are a unique asset to any cook! These salt tiles may either be heated gradually for food to be cooked directly on them or frozen for cold foods to be served upon. Salt bars are another product that we carry – they’re in various shapes – to use on the skin for massaging away aches and pains or for skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis. Another thing that salt can do is deodorize by killing bacteria so we carry “deodorant eggs” that can be used as a natural way to use a deodorant for your self care. And yes, it really works! One extra benefit is not having that sticky feeling on the skin! We invite you to come check out all that Be Happy has to offer. We’re located in the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Campbell Lane and Nashville Rd., Suite 104. Check us out on social media at behappybg. We’re on the web, facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat! We’d love to give you a tour of our salt cave too! Come see what all the talk is about! 270-799-8070.
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